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79,900 ฿

Top Speed (ความเร็วสูงสุด) : 70km/hr++

Range (ระยะทางต่อชาร์จ)    : 90km (25Ah)

Motor (กำลังมอเตอร์)  : Dual, 4000 Watts (peak)

Scooter Weight (น้ำหนักตัวรถ): 41kg
Tyre : 15″ air tyre (no maintenance requires)
Brake: Front Drum brake + Rear Drum brake


Top Speed (ความเร็วสูงสุด) : 70km/hr++
Range (ระยะทางต่อชาร์จ)    : 90km (25Ah)Motor (กำลังมอเตอร์)  : Dual, 4000 Watts (peak)Scooter Weight (น้ำหนักตัวรถ): 41kg
Tyre : 15″ air tyre (no maintenance requires)
Brake: Front Disk brake + Rear Disk brake

Minimotors Dualtron City electric scooter with battery being removed

Minimotors Dualtron City | Credit: Minimotors

MiniMotors just announced the newest addition to its lineup: the Dualtron City. It took two years to develop, but will it deliver on its claim as the “safest e-scooter to ride in the city?”  

Here’s what we think.

What makes it “the safest”

Diagram of Dualtron City front suspension and travel distance
The City will have more than 13 cm of ground clearance | Credit: Minimotors

The Dualtron City will sport unprecedentedly large 38-centimeter pneumatic tires, a 113-centimeter wheelbase, and more than 13 cm of ground clearance.

These factors alone are huge in terms of safety. If it’s not obvious, then let me enlighten you.

Most crashes on scooters occur because of their small tires and unforgiving geometry.

Small wheels need more force to clear obstacles (potholes etc.) and are more likely to become stuck and send the rider flying over the handlebars. The City’s 38-centimeter tires will be more forgiving than the typical 25-centimeter e-scooter tire.

Scooters are compact, in part, because of their short wheelbase. However, this makes them prone to the downward spiral of wobble and over-correction that results in crashes. The City’s long wheelbase and stem rake will increase its safety margin compared to a typical scooter.

Finally, Minimotors rounds out the package with a dual rubber suspension, 160 mm hydraulic brakes, and removable batteries. The suspension and hydraulics are necessities on any +48 kmh scooter.

Will the Dualtron City be any fun to ride?

Maybe Minimotors is making a marketing mistake by branding the City as the safest scooter.

But it’s still a Dualtron.

It’s still made by Minimotors, a company that knows only excess.

The Dualtron City wields dual motors that produce a combined 4000 watts peak power. Independent 30 amp channels on their 60 V Minimotors controller supply each motor.

Claimed top speed is 70 kmh, and the specs suggest it will get there quickly.

So yes, it’s going to be fun.

I would argue that City may be more fun than many of the other extreme scooters. It can feel like riding on a knife’s edge when you push small-tire scooters to their limit.

The Dualtron City invites fast, fun, thrilling — but not terrifying rides thanks to its inherent stability.

Our take on the Dualtron City

Safety is inherently boring.

In the world of extreme, dual-motor electric scooters, it’s even more boring.

Branding any e-scooter as safe is the best way to sap away interest, at least among hardcore enthusiasts.

However, as someone who has gotten used to fast scooters and the influx of increasingly quicker models (all gunning for a spot on the fastest scooters leaderboard), I appreciate what Minimotors is trying to achieve.

Sensational safety reports that emphasize danger have made e-scooters public enemy no. 1 in some Cities.

While much of this is overblown, a lot comes back to scooters being deceptively easy-to-ride but less forgiving than bicycles.

Combine that with powerful motors and neophyte riders, and you’ve got a 3rd-tier reporter’s wet dream.

That said, new e-scooter designs with large tires, stable geometries, and legit brakes will push the e-scooter movement forward.

It might even be best that one of the oldest and most recognizable brands leads the way.

Minimotors Dualtron City Technical Specifications

Motor Dual, 4000 Watts (peak)
Battery 1200 Wh or 1500 Wh
Controller 60 V, 30 A, 2 channels
Top Speed (claimed) 70 kmh
Range (claimed) 70 km (20 Ah) / 90 km (25 Ah)
Weight (claimed) 41 kg
Brakes Dual 160 mm hydraulic discs (Zoom)
Tires 38 centimeter pneumatic
Suspension Dualtron rubber cartridge
Unfolded Dimension 157 cm (length) x 58 cm (width) x 132 cm (tall)
Folded Dimension 157 cm (length) x 58 cm (width) x 76 cm (tall)
Lights Front, Rear, Side
Accessories Electronic horn


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