Inmotion RS

149,990 ฿

  • ความเร็ว 110 km/h
  • วิ่งได้ไกล 160 km
  • น้ำหนัก 56 kg
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Inmotion RS

สกู๊ตเตอร์ไฟฟ้า • Electric Scooter / E-Scooter



สกู๊ตเตอร์ความเร็วสูง เร่งดี ขี่สนุก ไต่ความชันดีมาก


Top Speed (ความเร็วสูงสุด) : 110 km/hr++

Range (ระยะทางต่อชาร์จ) : 160 km

Weight (น้ำหนักตัวรถ) : 56 kg



Motor (กำลังมอเตอร์)  : 72V Dual motor (MAX 8,400 watt)

Climbing Grade (การไต่ความชัน) : 70% or 35°





Introducing the new Inmotion RS electric scooter, designed for unrivalled performance. With its innovative transformation system, this scooter takes your riding experience to a whole new level. Equipped with two 2,000W motors and a staggering peak power of 8,400W, the Inmotion RS offers breathtaking speed, exceptional torque and outstanding hill-climbing capabilities.


The RS’s twin 2,000W motors enable it to reach a top speed of 100 km/h, outstripping most scooters in its price range. Thanks to this immense power, you can experience rapid acceleration, going from a standstill to 50 km/h in a matter of seconds. What’s more, conquering a steep 50% gradient is child’s play for the RS.

ปรับความสูง Pedal ได้

Inspired by SUV design, the Inmotion RS proudly features the world’s first conversion system for an electric scooter. With four selectable pedal heights ranging from 183mm to 303mm, this scooter offers significant variations in shock absorption, tailored to your specific off-road needs. What’s more, this cutting-edge feature allows the RS to easily transform into different shapes, allowing you to experience the exhilarating speed of a race car or the off-road dominance of an SUV. The Inmotion RS is the epitome of versatility and dynamism.


With its powerful 72V 40AH battery made up of 21700 cells, the RS offers an impressive range of 120 km on a single charge. The integration of the Battery Management System (BMS) and dual-charge capability guarantees constant power and temperature control, ensuring safe and reliable driving. What’s more, the charging speed is doubled, giving you more freedom to enjoy your journeys. Your Inmotion RS electric scooter is fully charged in less than 5 hours.

ขี่สบาย เร่งดี โช้กปรับได้

The Inmotion RS prioritises comfort and performance with its C-shaped suspension system and 11 levels of adjustable front and rear hydraulic damping. With 96mm of travel, it offers exceptional shock absorption, ensuring a smoother, more enjoyable ride.

Designed for maximum performance and comfort, the INMOTION RS is fitted with 11×3.5-inch tubeless tyres that offer exceptional traction, control and stability on any surface, enhancing the overall riding experience.

With two 72V sine wave controllers and a combined bus current of 100A, the Inmotion RS boasts improved power conversion efficiency. That’s because it features Raptor-P. This powerful configuration ensures a smoother ride and impressive acceleration, for exhilarating performance.

ปรับแต่งได้และแทร็ก ผ่าน Application ได้

Take total control of your driving with the INMOTION application. Customise your preferred driving mode, control the lighting system, lock and unlock your RS remotely, monitor real-time data such as speed, distance and battery level, and track your mileage from anywhere.

Safety is paramount, and the Inmotion RS electric scooter is equipped with two 16 cm fully hydraulic disc brakes and an enhanced regenerative braking system at the front and rear. These braking systems guarantee maximum safety and control, allowing you to stop quickly, even at high speeds.

ไฟสว่าง เห็นทางชัด

Finally, the Inmotion RS guarantees optimum visibility and safety when travelling in low light, thanks to its front and rear lights. What’s more, the scooter is equipped with multifunctional patterned side lights that act as side marker lights, indicators and neon lights under the vehicle, combining style and practicality in a unique way.


Inmotion RS electric scooter - สกู๊ตเตอร์ไฟฟ้า

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Weight 56 kg
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